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Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Sunday, July 30, 2017
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Church Parlor

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July 21, 2017


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Most of our witnessing is likely to happen in passing moments of conversation--those occasions when we show, in relatively minor ways, who we are and to Whom we belong.  I think of a suburban woman who was playing tennis with her good but quite secular friends.  In a conversation break between sets she began referring to something she had read that morning.  It would have been easy to say, "I read something this morning ."  Instead, with no attempt at "better-than-thou," she simply introduced one word: "In my devotional reading this morning."  It was not a major soul-winning engagement.  It was, however, a true sowing of seed.  By a word, she had opened the door for some further conversation.  Perhaps our greatest problem in becoming Christ’s fishermen is that we are not enough in earnest to grasp the opportunities that come to us; or we are so possessed of the idea that we must say something dramatic and far-reaching that we fail to say the small, immediate and potentially significant thing.  To put it in the language of our lesson for the day, most of us really don’t act as if we even have a call to "fish."  We’re out in the waters of human need every day, but we don’t seem to know it.  The issue is not that we should become more aggressive about sharing our faith. It is that we should be more sensitive to the subtle prodding of the Holy Spirit.  To be sensitive to the Holy Spirit must mean that we will be more sensitive to people; to be more sensitive to people ought to make us more open to God and His purposes. (J. Ellsworth Kalas)

Sunday is coming!  We will gather together to worship Almighty God!  I'll be preaching a sermon entitled, "Tuned In Or Zoned Out."  Our Biblical foundation will be Psalm 25:1-13.  Make sure you read this before Sunday!  "Inactive Member" ought to be an oxymoron in our church.  There should be no such thing. 

To find out all that’s going on the next week, #1 – BE IN WORSHIP AND SUNDAY SCHOOL ON SUNDAY!  #2 – go to and explore all that’s on our webpage.  #3 – Invite someone to Worship and Sunday School so that they’ll also know what all’s going on! 

Sunday’s Bulletin is on the website! 

Mary Bearden is needing to line up groups and people who will take care of the 11 times meals will be served on Wednesday nights beginning on September 13th!  Each group is responsible for set-up, food/drinks, and clean-up.  Please begin talking this over in your Sunday School classes and groups and let Mary know what date or dates you can take care of this! 

There will be a new Bible Study beginning on September 13th at 6:00 p.m.!  We will be studying...well...we'll be studying the Bible!  Stay tuned!

On the second Sunday of August, I'll begin a sermon series on the book of Jude!  Jude has only 1 chapter so how long can it take, right?  If you know anything about the book of Jude, you also know that it has 25 verses, and there's a sermon in practically every verse in Jude!! 

During the Brezhnev era at the height of the Cold War, Billy Graham visited Russia and met with government and church leaders.  Conservatives back home reproached him for treating the Russians with such courtesy and respect.  He should have taken a more prophetic role, they said, by condemning the abuses of human rights and religious liberty.  One of his critics accused him of setting the church back fifty years.  Graham listened, lowered his head and replied, "I am deeply ashamed.  I have been trying very hard to set the church back 2000 years!" (Paul Larsen)

May God abundantly bless you and yours!


Peace like a river,
Rusty Dickerson


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FUMC Vernon sent  6 youth and 4 adults to Hereford, Tx on June 25 to assist the UM Army in building wheelchair ramps, painting,  gardening, building handrails, etc. Those making the trip were Diana Ramirez, Melody Stewart,  Blakely Schur, Tinaya Mumvumba, Caleb Campos, Xander Gray, Ruben Vargas, Jeremiah Gilchrist, Josh Wilder, and Rose Ramirez.  They spent a week in Hereford on this special mission opportunity. Thank you as you kept them in your prayers while they worked and spread the Good News!
For additional information on the UM Army, click here.

  Mark your calendars now for our summer family fun swim parties!
               July 26                August 16
         7:00 - 9:00 pm       Orbison Park Pool

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